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Our Services

We offer various options at this school to try and suit all parents' needs / requirements:

 Class sizes:

Babies (4months to 2 years old) - Maximum 14 in the class

Age groups: 2 - 3     -   Maximum 14/16 children in the class

Age groups: 3 - 4   -   Maximum 12/14 in the class

Age 4 - 5 (Grade RR)   -   Maximum 12 in the class

and 5 - 6 (Grade R)  -  Maximum 8 in the class

Aftercare (Grade R to Grade 3)   -   Maximum 8 in the group (includes 30min individual homework session)


School Hours: 

Full Day: 07h15 - 17h30

Half Day: 07h15 - 13h00

3 Full Days per week

3 Half Days per week


More information:


Our toddler teachers also help with potty training!


Our School Fees include breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack, all toiletries, stationery, most of the art and crafts tools as well as daily supervision.


Our in-house Cook; Carol, prepares all lunch and afternoon snacks daily - we follow a weekly menu and she takes into consideration any allergies that the children might have!


Please contact us for more information.

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Extra-mural activities offered


Below are the extra-mural activities presented at our school. Should you wish your child to take part in one of these activities, feel free to take one of their information leaflets. These can be obtained at the school's reception or alternatively ask Michelle for more information.


Correspondence and all arrangements are handled directly by the outside contractors.




Kadoshi Judokwai


G Gouws (6 th Dan)

L Gouws (5 th Dan)

G Gouws (3 rd Dan)

D Williams (2 nd Dan)


Why Judo?

Because of its formative character, JUDO represents more than merely a contribution to physical development.

Judo stands for cooperation, respectfulness and values.

Judo has the power to educate, shape and teach.

Diverse motor training

Basic social competencies

Contribute to healthy physical and social development


Physical Pride / Self Esteem


Defensive Instinct

Goal Setting

Intellectual Stimulation





“ Reach Out Ballet”

Ballet and Tots Creative Movement


As a registered dance teacher I, Erla Eliot, teach creative movement and preparatory dance classes to children from 3 years old. Emphasis is on miming, music, posture, suppleness and free dance movement that include ballet and modern technique. Enjoyment and love are key words in this studio. Older children do ballet technique and worship dancing.

Your daughter / son will be able to do all exams and we do a lot of stage / show work as well as dance drama.

Classes taught in English and Afrikaans.





“Playball - Helderberg”

Sport for Life

We focus on the skills of the different sports; eg

Tennis, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Cricket and more…

We commit ourselves to:

Gross Motor Development


Prepare Gr R child for primary school competitive play

Life Skills

Different Equipment

Fun, Creative and structured

Love for sport and movement

Playball is specialised and result orientated

Small classes that are age specific

Coaches that are handpicked and trained frequently

Build childs self-confidence

Playball is a worldwide successful sports programme for children

Learn, practice, play






With Marisia Rossow”

ABC Music &Me: Singing, Moving, Learning


ABC Music and Me is a research-based language and early literacy program built around music.

Every child should experience the joy, fun, and learning that music brings to life.


Benfits for you 2 – 4 year old:

Helps develop pre-literacy and language skills through a child’s most-loved rituals = music and stirytime.

Integrates physical, cognitive, social, and emotional learning domains for a whole-child approach to learning.

Uses a multisensory approach to teach early music concepts such as loud and quiet or high and low.

Invites children to explore the joy of group learning, practising social skills such as turn-taking and cooperation

Prepares children to practice the listening and attention skills that ensure early school success.


Benefits for your 4 – 6 year old

Introduces young musicians to composers, songs and styles from a variety of genres, such as classical, jazz and folk.

Builds a solid foundation for music education by introducing children to music vocabulary, pre-music reading, and more complex music concepts such as largo and presto or legato and staccato.



Stimulus Maksima


“Stimulus Maksima!”

Computer-aided education /

Rekenaargesteunde onderrig


Beginner’s Booster: Pre-school


Toddler and pre-school school preparation course

120 exciting sound and animation lessons take a pre-schooler though the essential skills such as:


Logical Thinking

Mathematical Skills

Memory Skills



Strong attention is given to emotional skills to:

Improve concentration

Strengthen self-image

Encourage task-completion

Exercise decision-making

Develop the ability to venture

Improve independent work

Promote competition against oneself

Solve problems and to promote logical reasoning


This is a chance to give your child a headstart for the future.

Every child deserves it!



Our Motto

Let us be the Guardians of your child's Future!